What are the main characteristics of the Farho radiators?
Our radiators reach the same operating temperatures of conventional radiators with a boiler. Although consumption is much lower than traditional electric heating solutions on the market, the ability of retention of the patented internal fluid, allows our radiators to remain on stand by for a considerable part of the total usage time, further increasing the differences in terms of consumption costs.
A more effective heating system, an evident saving.
How much do they consume?
Consumption varies depending on the number of items. Each element has an 110w consumption compared to a calorific energy of 150 kcal, the models range from 3 to 13 elements.
How long does it take to reach the optimum operating temperature?
The radiators take about 25 min. to reach their maximum heating capacity. The optimum temperature stands at 60 degrees Celsius on a surface area touching 80 degrees internally. The operation depends on the diathermic properties of the specially patented internal fluid FARHOIL. The radiator heats up gradually according to the principle of natural convection without injecting any type of hot air flow.
How many years have you been on the Italian market?
Farho is a Spanish company based in Oviedo in Asturias, their radiators have been on the Spanish market for about 12 years while they have been distributed in our country for more than 4 years.
In which areas can Fahro be an optimal solution?
Our low power radiators are proving ideal in various fields on the basis that they allow you to have a natural and effective central heating system without any kind of wiring or particular installation.
In the latter case for example faced with a limited cost of initial installation we can assure optimum heating with consumption linked only to actual days of use, and also with the possibility of remote activation.
The countless possibilities of combination with installations producing renewable energy make them popular for being able to use energy produced in a rational manner.
For offices, small apartments and individual rooms Farho may be an optimal solution both as a supplementary as well as a primary solution, where there is a need for ongoing use the differences in consumption between a Fahro radiator and an electrical solution of the traditional type are undeniable.
For hotel refurbishment we are able to propose a system for remote management of each single room and to reduce consumption costs only to the actual use of the rooms by users, with the possibility to control by a central unit the programming of each individual radiator avoiding unnecessary waste from unwary users.
What are the differences between the AN and XP models?
AN models are equipped with a simple analogue thermostat on the right hand side of the radiator while the XP models have included a weekly digital timer in the same position with which you can make separate programming for each individual radiator depending on your habits with the aim of streamlining and managing consumption better. The XP models are also the only ones that can be activated remotely using the appropriate unit NEXHO.
How does the NEXHO system for remote management of the radiators work?
The XP models can be activated remotely via three different control units specially designed by FARHO.
NEXHO-UC allows you to activate each individual radiator remotely via a dedicated sim card housed internally, ideal for remote management in environments lacking an ADSL connection as do most second homes in the mountains.
NEXHO-NT in conjunction with a router and in the presence of an ADSL connection allows you to manage every single radiator, monitoring temperatures and switching times via free apps which can be downloaded for free for PC TABLET IPHONE and ANDROID. Solution more suitable for offices and hotels.
NEXHO-RM allows you to keep an eye on each radiator in your home functioning as a universal remote control to edit any type of programming without having to necessarily take place from a radiator.
How are they fixed on the wall?
The radiators are supplied packed with a normal pair of mounting brackets for the wall altogether similar to those used to secure traditional radiators to the boiler. It is also possible to use a KIT WHEEL to move a radiator at will that we want to use in a different environment depending on the time of day.
What other solution does Farho offer for heating?
The product range is completed by four electric heating towel rack models ideal for fitting into bathrooms as an item of furniture. The models are divided into aluminium (NOVA - NOVALITTLE) and STEEL (VICTORY - LITTLE VICTORY) as required.



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